Do you believe in Faeries?

One of the best things you can do when you are struggling with crippling anxiety and at a very low point both mentally and emotionally, is to go for a walk.  Both the fresh air and gentle exercise are extremely good for your mental health and well-being….. HOWEVER, this is easier said than done when all you want to do is curl up under a duvet and hibernate until the worst passes.

I have to count my lucky stars because I have someone who will gently force me out for a walk because he knows how much it helps me and how much I need it.  And of course, he’ll also accompany me to search for Faeries.

Do you believe in Faeries?  Maybe you’ve seen one while you’ve been out adventuring?

Look what I saw flitting around…

I followed the little being to see if I could capture a better photograph of it…

It was a rather sociable little thing and once it settled on an old magick tree, we talked about lots of foresty things; the shape of ivy, what our favourite type of tree is and how much we love the smell of moss. Then it flew off again.

The second Faerie I saw was a little harder to follow as it flitted quite sporadically.  But I eventually found it on a beautiful gnarly tree…

The Faerie explained to me that it was searching for some tasty berries to take home.  Now that autumn is here, the blackberries are delicious. It showed me the best berry picking spot…

And I helped it pick a handful to take home.  It turns out the tree is home to quite a few Faerie folk, but they stay hidden unless they know they can trust you.

A secret entrance near an orange fungi is where this little one resides. It bid me farewell and took its berries home.

So it was a good walk in the end.  One I’m glad I went on.  I returned home feeling a little happier in my heart and a little less lost in my despair.  It’s a temporary fix to a longer term anxiety issue, but for today it’s done the trick.

So, do you believe in Faeries?


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