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Gym-ing it!

Back at the gym FINALLY!!! It’s been a weird few weeks. I was sick with a nasty head cold before Christmas, then we stayed with family for a week which was hectic, as soon as we got back my partner in crime had the flu and my immune system must have been rubbish as I then caught another cold last week and am left with a bad cough. Needless to say I’ve not slept much for a while with all the coughing from both of us and have been feeling generally exhausted.
So getting a good 7k in at the gym today has been a positive step forward for me. Hopefully I can get back in to it again as it’s genuinely heals me physically and mentally 🏃🏻‍♀️ #gym #fitness #healthy #instafitness #workout #workouttime #motivationmonday #fitnessgirl #thisgirlcan #kneeinjury

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