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Subconscious Dwellings: Petrichor

Emotions can dig in deeply to our subconscious minds; rooting themselves so far down that we struggle to remember what first caused them. If we can’t remember what caused them it can be hard to heal ourselves or find solutions. Don’t be too afraid to confront your feelings. Be brave, face them head on and find a way to resolve them. You are strong and you can do this.

The house stands at 9″ tall and is completely hand made from plastic, plaster and paint. Old letters add a vintage feel to the inside.

All furniture is removable. The working light is attached by a magnet and is battery powered so you can simply twist off the back of the light and replace if it runs out.
Furniture consists of:
Plant pot with twig tree
Real handmade illustrated book of shadows
Ceramic cauldron
Jar of crystals
Double bed complete with vintage bedding
Removable ladder and light

Every aspect is completely handmade. These houses are unique as are all the furnishings.

Subconscious Dwellings is my personal exploration of our inner minds. We are all unique and therefore it makes sense that our subconscious minds are also unique.

Each ‘dwelling’ is set up to be a functional, art doll house, whilst also being a unique piece of handmade art.


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