A Kintsugi House

This has been a real test of my resilience as it?s gone wrong over and over… Sadly my trying didn?t pan out.

HOWEVER… my nature as an artist is to be a complete perfectionist. So the sheer fact that I have shared this work with you all is a HUGE personal step forward for me.

Over the years there have been so many pieces that you?ve never seen because to me they weren?t perfect; they didn?t work out.

Yet here I am advocating the fact that it?s ok to not be ok. That we don?t have to be perfect to be proud of who we are.

So this is my, not perfect, but still beautiful outcome.

It?s a broken-Ish blueberry house.

The blueberry fairie-Ish and it?s TEENY baby don?t mind. They love their house and are excited to settle in for the night.

It?s even got a ?chimney? so it can be used as an incense burning house.?A blueberry house with a blueberry faerie-Ish and faerie-Ish baby nestled in a tiny bed.
The chimney will allow the burning of incense cones to happen inside the house.

All completely handmade in the UK.
The house has a crack lined with gold in the traditional kintsugi style – to embrace the imperfections rather than try to hide them.

They?re happy…… ish.

They do try to be happy all the time; they keep a smile on their faces as that?s what people prefer.

But sometimes they don?t feel happy.

Sometimes they just feel low…. and that?s ok.

They?re happy-ish.

All the emotions we feel are valid and matter as much as the next. As humans we experience a rainbow of emotions; sometimes on a daily basis. There?s nothing wrong with that.


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