A proper hello!

Hello *waves*

I realise my first few posts weren’t much of an introduction, so I thought I would do it properly now.

Happy New Year to you all.? Last year I set myself 3 goals.

1) to lose a bit of weight and get fitter
2) to run a 10k in 60 minutes
3) to get in to Teaching

I?became a fitness instructor and lost that weight, I ran a 10k in just under 60 minutes back in March and I am currently working as a senior Literacy Teaching Assistant, studying for my Teaching qualification (fingers crossed; completing in the next 6 months).

HOWEVER, back in August, I damaged my knee.? I was on strict orders from the doctors to rest and do NO exercise or I could tear my tendon completely and that would not heal well.? So I stopped all forms of exercise and tried my hardest to stay as healthy as I could.? Needless to say, that weight slowly crept back on (not loads, but enough to make me feel a bit blue) and my running times have probably dropped back to my early years of running.? Three weeks ago I did my first spin session since the injury (I used to teach spin and have a bike at home, so it’s something I did a lot of, but doctors orders and all that jazz).? I am now managing to do a little bit of spin every day and some yoga.? It’s a wonderful feeling.? I am already noticing a difference and feeling much better mentally.

So….. my targets for this year are these:

1) Become a fully qualified Teacher (preferably in an Art role)
2) Re-train fitness wise and get back to the way I was last year
3) And finally… to be able to hold a Scorpion yoga pose

I prefer setting goals than resolutions.? Having positive things to work towards is a healthier way to start a new year.? Have you set any goals?

I will still continue to create my art toys and I have a set I have been working on over the holidays that I will be sharing photos of in the next few days.? These new chaps are complete with paper-cut-out abodes.? More details soon.

What else can I say?
I don’t drink normal tea, instead I have a cupboard full of fresh teas in a variety of flavours; my favourite being Mao Feng Green Tea which I drink religiously and my newest favourite is Milk Oolong (which I can still drink even though I am slightly dairy intolerant, in case you have the same issue).

I am hyper sensitive, which means I have a sort of fight or flight feeling most of the time.? It makes me very alert and observant and my senses are great, but sometimes ignorance is bliss and it would be nice to be able to switch off.? Exercise helps expel some of that tense energy, so I am glad I am able to do more and more again.? It’s also a bit of a factor in my creating.? Creating helps me focus my mind and not worry for a while and in doing so, I create creatures to help others not worry anymore.? It’s sort of a circle.

Over shared enough?? Probably for now.? I’ll wrap this post up and leave you all to recover from your new year hangovers.? Don’t forget fresh lemons in your water will help detox your system and some dark green, leafy veg, like tenderstem, will make you feel a bit healthier.

I’m always looking for new healthy recipes, good books to read and TV programmes to watch, so feel free to send me info, links etc.

That’s it for now, my next post will be less me and more art!