A Tiny Oyster

For those of you who have been with me for a while now, you’ll know that when I first began creating art publicly, my company name was Tiny Oyster Designs.? I was studying on a Marine Conservation degree and I was (and always will be) completely obsessed with the sea and everything in it.? I re-branded a few years ago and became Taylored Curiosities as it represented me in a more diverse way and meant I was able to create other creatures that weren’t sea dwellers.

This creation is a homage to Tiny Oyster and is a fully sculpted version of my old logo.? A teeny pink oyster baby, nestled inside its grey, oyster shell.? Completed with a pink blankee that it sits inside and some bright, green seaweed.

As with all my work, this started life as an old doodle of my logo.? I then spent hours, sculpting the shapes and making them as close to the drawing as possible.? Then I mould and cast them, completing with mixed media and painted accents.? Always signing and dating the underside.

Of course, a baby needs a family, and this one has a set of parents on their way.? They are in the moulding stage of creation.? I am hoping to have a pair cast, ready to take photos of next week.? These are my first version of a dollhouse family.? The adults will be roughly 2″ tall (much bigger than my normal creations).? I will be producing family sets (2 adults and a baby) that will be available in October.? Alongside this, I am working on some limited editions for ToyCon UK 2016 and some dollhouse related items based around this quirky family.


taylored curiosities tiny oyster shell pink grey seaweed marine sea creature handmade sculpt original copyright protected miniature baby



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