A Worry’s Story

Wonderful Words…

I recieved this email last week and (don’t worry I have checked with the sender) am sharing it with you now, as it really touched home to me, that what started as a way to make my designs 3D, has become so much more than that.

“I have thought about it for awhile and I would like to share with you the path one of your Worries had. I do not share it so you will feel sorry for me, but rather, as the creator of these wonderful toys I want you to feel encouraged by what you do.

I’m not sure exactly when it was that I discovered your shop. All I know is that upon reading the description of a Worry, I wanted to adopt him. I contacted a friend and made the arrangements.

Worry lived in my pocket. Under my pillow. Came with me every time I left the house. I didn’t feel so alone, knowing the creature in my pocket understood. I got through each day and slowly began to heal. I stopped panicking when I would have to approach somebody. After all, Worry understood and his sweet lavender scent made me smile. He was soft, fit comfortably in my hand and his wonky eyes just added to his adorableness.

I took him with me to my therapy group and there was a girl there that was in the same state I had been only months before. She now has that Worry, and when I saw her last she had it tucked in her bag.

That little Worry took on a very special path. He helped me and is now helping someone else. I have sent your link to your Etsy shop to several people, each with their own stories, their own Feelings that they will connect with and maybe adopt.

This was my story.
Worry was my Feeling.
Such a simple thing that meant so much, all because you decided to reach out and touch the world.”