My custom skate board deck for the ?I Am Board 2018? show, which will be held at David Stevenson?s booth at ToyCon UK April 7th & 8th from booth #22.? Pieces will be available online also here www.iamboard.bigcartel.com

This is a mixed media piece of artwork. I used papier mache and plaster to create a 3D effect and produce hidden tunnels deep in the mud. Acrylics and moss combined to complete the effect of earth and I used watercolours and pencil for the forest background.? A secret door with an ancient symbol carved in to it, covers the entrance to the hidden world below.

The characters and secret door are sculpted from clay and the ladder is laser cut.

It?s nice to sleep in a cosy, underground pocket of earth. You can feel the warmth of the planets core and sleep soundly knowing you?re safely hidden from danger. What a good place for a nap…. especially if you have a friend to snuggle.


Here’s a few progress shots that I shared over on my Instagram account:




Building up the layers of ‘earth’ to form tunnels under the ground.

Covered in plaster to reinforce and then painted with a white base coat.




I secured two hanging fixtures to the back so the board can be hung on display.

The ‘mud’ is a layering of different shades of brown.





Natural mosses and textured paint work give the ‘earth’ a more realistic feel and a tiny, laser cut ladder gives the idea that the creatures have a secret entrance to a hidden dwelling.


The inhabitants up close.? Hand sculpted and painted.? These are fixed in place inside their hidden, muddy tunnels.


Design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities

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