MINI: A Miniature Exhibition

Mini: A mini art exhibition at Mize Gallery (Florida) featuring 3 of my original, mixed media pieces of art. All measuring 3? x 3? and complete with hand stamped, gift box.

Each piece is a slice of a family apple tree (that fell naturally a few years ago after living its very long life), a piece of lichen branch fixed to it and treated, a watercolour/pencil piece of fungi and a resin cast and hand painted Lucky Slug.

Available from Mize Gallery during the Mini exhibition. ?30 per piece.


Everyone knows slugs are lucky…. but if you happen to find a pair of love slugs you can share that luck with someone you love!

This pair of slugs are so in love, they fit together perfectly! You could keep both of them or maybe give one of them away and share the love?

This pair of love slugs are cast from an original sculpt and each one is individually pigmented and painted.