Retrofuturism Art Show

I was invited to take part in the GAMA collective art show: ?Technology: Utopian or dystopian Retro-futurism?.

ART TOY & DESIGN?Exhibition in CHILE, From 1-4 October in?San Miguel Corporation?of?Santiago de Chile.?

It will be organized inside an ANTIQUE wine cellar, Fray Pedro Subercaseaux Chamber today, which is used for?exhibitions and other cultural events with fantastic and amazing different artists from different countries of the World AND different artworks like Art Toys, Illustrations and Toy Photography. Organized by artistic?Collective Art Toy Gama.

This is my finished piece.? It is a Kidrobot Munny that I have altered in to my vision of the future.? I used electronic parts, clay, resin characters (from my Lithop line), paints and rusting techniques combined with moss and a tree slice to create this one of a kind, signed design.

Here are the WIP photos:

WIP photos


And the completed piece:


I have called this design ‘AFTER’.? And this is why, this is what it represents:

It is set in a world after humans and machines have had their final war and there is nothing left, but scraps and a scarred world.

In time, nature will revive. Will come back to life and reclaim the world. Growing around the scars left behind by those too selfish to see what they were doing.

This is the final Utopia.

AFTER small


This will be on display at the event and available in the online store afterwards: