Art with a purpose…

Back in 2009 I was feeling very fretful and anxious and letting my worries get the better of me. I created a little grey creature to whisper my worries to; like a talisman. I made one and stuffed it with lavender to soothe my nerves. I shaped it to fit perfectly in to the human hand and gave it two wonky eyes that stared up at me telling me it would all be OK.



As my friends and family saw it, I made more and more to help each of them and ended up selling them online in my Etsy store. This was the birth of ‘The Feelings: Monster Emotions’.
I started this entire project to help spread awareness of mental health disorders and to dispel and stigma surrounding them. We are not alone, we are not on this earth alone and we should never suffer alone.



By creating ‘The Feelings’ I have met a huge group of people, from around the world, who struggle most days to deal with their overwhelming emotions and together we help each other through it. I will continue to raise awareness and to spread the word.
Since then the family has grown to include a selection of emotional monsters, Worry has become a worldwide traveller attending births, funerals, graduations, exams, counselling groups and many more events. Worry has helped so many people all around the globe and continues to be a popular gift for people who worry or struggle with anxiety.
Ohm Beads have recently produced four of ‘The Feelings’ in silver bead form. You can now own Worry, Self-Conscious, Fretful-nag and Anxiety as wearable, silver charms/talismans and some limited edition sets have my original Worry plush in special edition colours, exclusively available from Ohm.




I even made a stress relieving colouring book.

The Feelings have been shown at a variety of shows and exhibitions and I will be holding my first solo show this October 27th at the ONCA Gallery in Brighton where the ‘Subconscious Dwellings’ that these emotions reside in, will be brought to life and available in doll house form.


I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word. These little creatures have spread so much positivity and wellness around the globe, I want to keep that going. If any psychologists, therapists or counsellors want to use these for therapy or in sharing circles (I am told they work well this way) etc, I am more than happy to be contacted about discounts for supporting wellness.


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