‘Aureate’ 2020

There is a brilliance to these paintings.

A brilliance in the final outcome; the vibrancy of the organic pigments and the intrigue of the lines made.

But also, there is a brilliance in the process.

The synergy and harmony that not only exists between these tiny snail artists but also between them and me is a form of brilliance.

A form of aureation.

​I am an artist, a painter a maker of marks.

And alone, I can create work and be relatively happy with it.

But never surprised.

By collaborating with my snail artists, I have heightened my practice and transformed it from my own language in to that of ‘our’ language. 

By combining my ideas and methods with the absolute freedom and fluidity of the snail trails, my work has aureated to a new place.

A place of calm, mindfulness, meditative creativity and a way of working that genuinely surprises me.

Something I have needed in my life for far too long.