Be gentle on yourself


This is is a gentle reminder to be more gentle on yourself today.

Easter has lots of different meanings, depending on your background, but to a LOT of people; it means chocolate.

Those of you, like me, who have an unhealthy relationship with food and end up over eating and then berating yourself for days….. just give yourself a break today ok.

I?m not great with too much chocolate, it makes me crazily hyped and then I crash badly, so I?ve been given a small mini eggs Easter egg set (one aimed at small children 😂).

I?m going to eat it.

And then I?m going to focus on NOT punishing myself for allowing myself to have a treat on a day when most people go through 5 or 6 full sized eggs (again, don?t berate yourself if you love chocolate and can handle more sugar than me)

So please, just pop back and read this if you get sad, and remember it?s ok to have treats and to allow yourself those tasty things you want. Don?t be cruel to your mind or body after eating them. Go for a stroll if it helps, but don?t be cruel to yourself.

Because you?re worth the treats and I love you lots 💙