May 02, 2019

These Ish are Mermaid-Ish, which means they sort of resemble mermaids. They have beautiful tails and scaly skin making in eye catching colours. They?re happy...... ...

Brave-Ish Egg Surprise

April 22, 2019

I?ve been experimenting with sculpting again. I had kiln issues, exploding sculpts and had to take a break to regroup my mind. But I?ve re-sculpted succeeded the second ...

Save the Earth

April 22, 2019

If you aren?t already following Greta Thunberg then make it the very next thing you do today. This young woman is representing those of us who love the earth and ...

Be gentle on yourself

April 21, 2019

  This is is a gentle reminder to be more gentle on yourself today. Easter has lots of different meanings, depending on your background, but to a LOT of ...


April 19, 2019

This was quite an experiment; those of you who follow my journey will know how much I like to combine textures and how much of a tactile person I am. These didn?t ...


April 18, 2019

They?re happy-ish. They try to be happy all the time; they keep a smile on their faces as that?s what people prefer. But sometimes they?re just not ...

Just Married

April 11, 2019

Everything we had hoped for and so very much more..... the most wonderful family to share our day with in the most beautiful gardens and sunshine ...

Nurture someone and they will grow

March 10, 2019

?Nurture someone and they will grow? ~Taylored