Book Club: A Wrinkle in Time

This was a random find whilst looking for a new book to read in Waterstones.? The blurb sounded quite interesting and I decided to give it a try.? I am so glad I did!? It turns out it is part of a quintet series and I have just ordered the next one.? L’Engle writes in a very accesible way and completely engulfs you in the story.

Have you read this or any of her other works?? The back of this copy has facts and questions and even an extract from another book.? It’s full of add ons.

Favourite character

I loved Charles Wallace.? He reminds me so much of one of the children I used to work with.? I also loved the three old ladies, Mrs Who, Mrs Why and Mrs Which.? Brilliant characters!

Favourite part of the story

My favourite part was as they arrive on one of the planets and the whole world works like clockwork.? I find alternate realities quite interesting.

I’d love to hear what you thought of this if you’ve read it.? Which character was your favourite or did you most relate to?? What was your favourite part?