Book Club: Cuckoo Song


This book had me gripped.? The descriptive language is of a whole new nature *example photos*.

I particularly adore the way?Hardinge describes the ‘in between-ness’ of the Besiders and their world.? My very visual brain devoured this idea and I had a real sense of these beings flickering and residing somewhere in the peripheral.

Time becomes something that can be frozen and manipulated, similar to the buildings and their surreal architecture.? This story?encourages us to stretch our imagination and senses.? Smells are described as tastes and tastes as colours (synaesthesia; something I have ever so slightly which I think helps my creativity).


The ending is a bit too neat and tidy for me.? I do like a ‘completed’ story, but I also love a twist that catches me off guard and an ending I can’t guess.