Book Club: Seven Sorcerers

Have you read this book?? I’ll admit this was a random library find, but I am so glad I found it!? What a great book.? It’s creepy and it’s clever and I love the characters and the back story to the world they enter.? This is a definite MUST read! It’s got these lush illustrations through it that help you realise how uttterly bizarre the inhabitants are.


Favourite Character

There are plenty of human or humanoid characters to choose from, but Jik is my favourite character in this book.? He’s a mudman.? A creature made of magic and he has a seriously limited vocabulary.? However, he is loyal and sweet and his personality comes through regardless of words.? I think that shows how well written the book is and how easy it is to engage with the characters.

Favourite part of the story

I think my favourite part of this story was when Nim (the main character) was told the story of the Seven Sorcerers.? It’s quite a dark story and it really makes you think about the bad side of human nature.? But it’s intriguing and it makes you want to know more.


After writing this and looking for the front cover image, I actually found that there is a second book and you can purchase both here:

I am very excited about reading the second book (I’ve just ordered it).? If you have read the first book, leave your thoughts here.? Who was your favourite character and what was your favourite part of the story?