Book Club: The Book of Lost Things

I forgot to do a review on this book until I recomended it today at work.? We were talking about books that don’t have the happiest of outcomes and it makes a child realise that maybe not everything has a Disney ending.? I said this book was a great read if you want unexpected twists and turns that are more realistic to life and less dressed up in bows.? It is a real ‘coming of age’ tale where the main character gets lots of, fairly harsh, life lessons and does a lot of growing.

Favourite Character

There are loads of different personalities in this book and I am sure everyone will have their own favourite.? I find it hard to choose one.? David, the main character, learns so much throughout the story and you feel like you learn with him and maybe find yourself thinking about letting go of certain feelings.? The Woodsman is a strong, silent character who seems deep in thought and you end up giving him quite a back story in your mind.? Who did you like the most and why?

Favourite part of the story

The story takes so many turns that you don’t neccesarily see coming.? The dwarves were quite funny and once David reaches the castle it all becomes clear.? Some of the creatures he encounters are quite nasty and you find yourself squirming as you read.? There was so much happening, it’s hard to choose just one part.? Which part did you like best?