Brave-Ish Egg Surprise

I?ve been experimenting with sculpting again. I had kiln issues, exploding sculpts and had to take a break to regroup my mind. But I?ve re-sculpted succeeded the second time around.

It?s always nerve testing when I branch out and try new ways to play with clay, but if I reach the end result it?s always rewarding.

I love how this piece has turned out after a lot of trial and error.

They?re brave-ish.

They feel stronger and they know somewhere, deep inside, is the strength they need to be brave.

They?re ready to yell at the world and to face their fears and anxieties head on….

But they also feel scared and vulnerable. But that?s ok. It?s ok to be scared and strong all in one go. Sometimes, standing up for yourself and being strong means you have to be a bit scared too.

They?re brave-ish.

These Brave-Ish are nestled inside eggs. They?ve cracked the eggs, but they?ll need your help to feel brave enough to come out.

Each set consists of a two piece, ceramic egg with a little Ish inside. The Ish can be removed and the egg can become a treasure holder or even an incense burner.

The eggs and Brave-Ish are all different colours/patterns and will be randomly selected so you?ll get a surprise.

Ish are handmade, ceramic figures. Each one is unique and no two will be identical. These eggs measure roughly 2? tall and will arrive in egg packaging ready to gift.

?Ish? design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities