‘Breathe’ 2020

2020 has been one of the strangest years of our lifetime. 

The one thing we have all needed to do more, is to breathe. 

To calm ourselves. 

To take a moment and try to focus on the good things. 

To try and find positives in all the negatives.  

Lockdown life has been bizarre and challenging for most.

It did give some of us time to focus on learning to slow down and practice mindfulness.

I know I am so used to being a busy bee, that being forced to be a slower snail caused me anxiety and then release as I settled in to a slower pace of life and learnt to let go of all the things a life based around work, stress and money caused.

I genuinely hope that we can retain some of these new behaviours we have learnt in 2020.

After 3 months of lockdown life we are adjusting and learning to enjoy the simpler things.

The spring snail hatchlings are now big enough to begin creating art and have further enhanced the work, with their tiny, delicate, lace-like lines.

For this painting gentle shades of peach, blue and grey create the perfect reminder to take a moment, pause, breathe and relax.

I realised this would be a perfect piece to create wearable art from.

A limited amount of pendants and earrings that are made from actual pieces of this painting (each one is completely unique)