Brightly coloured terarrium

Taylored-Curiosities-Spriggledop-Terrariums-02 terrarium_02-Taylored_Curiosities-Terrarium-Taylored_Curiosities-trampt-150938o terrarium_02-Taylored_Curiosities-Terrarium-Taylored_Curiosities-trampt-150939o



Following on from my recent Spriggldop/Terrarium work, I have created a second piece of the same size, but with vibrantly bright colours.

Two turquoise Spriggldops are tending to their nest full of eggs in this colourful micro habitat.? As with the other piece, the plants are all on pins so can be moved (apart from the taller blue plant) and all aspects are hand painted, sculpted and cast.

I have used a combination of materials to create this one of a kind terrarium set.? It is a miniature world consisting of felting, sculpting, casting and painting.? All contained inside a glass bowl.? It’s the easiest form of pet keeping as there’s no cleaning or feeding involved 😉

This piece is sold.

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