Bubbles Custom Show

I was asked to create a custom design for a toy show at Clutter Magazine, using the ‘Bubbles’ figure by the Botts.

Here’s a photograph of a part of the process…


And the finished outcome…

For the Bubbles Group Show, each artist was provided a blank (2.5″ tall 3″ long) vinyl ‘Bubbles’ platform, produced by UVD Toys, to go wild!

Artists Include:

American Gross, Andrea Kang, BigC, Bruckaroni, Cat Atomic, Czee, Danny Roldan, Dolly Oblong, Double Parlour, DrilOne, Fiona Ng, HX Studio, Igor Ventura, Jared Flores, JC Rivera, Jennipho, Jfo, Kyle Kirwan, Leecifer, Mike Strick, Miss Kika, MJ Hsu, MP Gautheron, Mus Musculus , One Eyed Girl, Pickled Circus, Richard Strohmeyer, Rsin, Sad Salesman, Scribe, Shiffa, Taylored Curiosities , Thomas Infiniterabbits , Tokyo Jesus, Will Rimmel, & More…

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on Apri 13th from 6-9pm. The works will remain on display until May 5th, 2019.

Fueled by our friends at Lagunitas, PLUS amazing Gluten-free treats from North Brooklyn Eats!!

Sales will be first offered to our Preview list subscribers. An email will be sent out on Saturday, at 12 (noon) est, with a link to preview and purchase. To sign up to the list please follow this link:http://www.cluttergallery.com/preview-list