Ceramic Treasure Bowls

While playing with the shapes, I realised these pods make perfect treasure bowls.? I don’t know what you keep in yours; your keys, jewellery or sea glass and shells like me….. but now you’ll have the perfect place to store them all!

taylored-curiosities-worry-dolls-cermaic-natural-form-seed-pod-lotus-jewellery-bowl-handmade-art-doll taylored-curiosities-worry-dolls-cermaic-natural-form-seed-pod-lotus-treasure-bowl-handmade-art-doll

Lined with a vibrant green and set against the deep brown of the pods outside, a little Worry Doll nests inside to watch over your possessions.? Completely handmade ceramic bowl inspired by natural forms.


Where do you leave your jewellery when you’re not wearing it? In a jewellery box maybe. Something traditional. Something that everyone has.
Me? I like to leave mine in seed pods.
They just happen to double up as perfect homes for Worry Dolls!

Handcrafted, ceramic lotus pod jewellery bowl ready for all your jewellery needs. Accompanied by a Huoli Worry Doll.


Another shape that I hoped would work well for storing treasures is an autumn leaf.? Complete with autumnal colours and a curling tip, this leaf bowl is the perfect place for your keys, jewellery or other trinkets and the perfect home for your Worry Dolls.

taylored-curiosities-worry-dolls-cermaic-handmade-art-doll-treasure-jewellery-bowl-autumn-leaf-rune taylored-curiosities-worry-dolls-cermaic-handmade-art-doll-treasure-jewellery-bowl-autumn-leaf


I wanted to create something a little more fragile looking and decided a poppy pod was the perfect inspiration.? This is the skeletal frame of the pod during winter.? It is now home to some little Worry Dolls and also a cute place to store your trinkets.

This is a handmade ceramic piece with a beautiful deep green inside and a brown skeleton with wintry white spots.




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