‘Controlling Chaos’, 2023

My newest creation has taken some time. This is actually the third iteration of the board. The first was without snail diviners and I have made the board completely, but it felt wrong and I abandoned it. The second was with standing stones and crystals, but I couldn’t quite flesh out how the email diviner would predict your fortune. This was a collaboration with my husbands brain which is far more literal and logical than mine. Together we banded ideas about for hours and this is the final result.

The snail divines. It begins within the standing stones and chooses an object. The card read is based on the object chosen and tells a fortune (albeit an obscure one).  During the reading, the person who wants their fortune told must whisper their question. As we all know, snail diviners (like Mother Nature herself) are attuned to the smallest of vibrations and will use this to choose the object.

As with my first board, the disclaimer will be underneath to state that only you can control your future. 
This piece is a combination of intention object, faux historical artefact, irony, divination and fake narrative.