‘Crossing Paths’ 2022

If there’s anything at all that this past 2 years has taught me, it’s that people are sent to us for a reason.

People come in to our lives in many ways; family, friends, lovers.  Each with their own lesson for us to learn.

Some of these will be really tough, they’ll break your heart, they might even break your spirit and you’ll feel like you may never heal from years of trauma at their hands.  But you will.  And you’ll find a strength in you that you never knew you had.

Others will be beautiful relationships that blossom over time and these people will love you in all your life stages.  They won’t ask anything of you, they will simply love you and you will love them back.

Our paths cross with so many people in our lifetimes.

Some stay for years, others are fleeting.

Some will impact us in huge ways, others more subtly.

There is no law that says you have to keep a connection to anyone who causes you pain.  Move on, look forwards, better people are coming.  And when you find them, you will know.