Depression is the newest member of the Feelings family.

Some days are harder than others. You feel physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, exhausted and under the weather. It?s as if the entire ocean is smothering you and you can?t breathe. Silent tears. Loud tears. Hurt. Sadness. Darkness.
The only thing you really want to do, is to curl up and disappear for a while…..

On those days, talk to your Depression talisman. Tell it how you feel. Off load. Even if you need to yell it at it, Depression won?t mind. It will sit, it will listen and it will understand. Because it has a bad day every day. And most importantly remember; you are not alone. Reach out.

Depression is the personification of the emotion and is part of ?The Feelings: Monster Emotions? range.
Each Depression figure is accompanied by two mini Depressions.

Hand cast and painted from an original sculpt.
Measuring 2? tall.
Mini Depressions are 2cm tall.