Back in 2017 I had my first solo show ?Subconscious Dwellings? which featured 7 handmade, organic dollhouses that represented our subconscious minds and the things that might inhabit them.

Earlier that year I?d been messing around with dollhouse ideas and started constructing an organic themed dwelling. The original one was 3 storeys high. This is where the idea came from. Each of the show houses was 2 storeys tall, but recently I found the original, unfinished house.

So I?ve decided to make this my personal, ?just because? project and will work on the house every now and again when I get a little time.

I?m dividing the rooms on this one so that I have more options and can create a variety of living spaces that have different themes; depending on how im feeling at the time.

Some of the Ish have already tried to move in and are helping me with ideas.

It?s nice to have a project with no purpose.