Emotion Cues

I have been working on a PSHE project with my tutor group and they are having some difficulties getting along with each other. There are some fractious relationships in the class.

So we suggested the use of emotion cue cards to help them indicate to one another how they are feeling.

I delivered a few lessons on the different range of emotions and we discussed each one and how they affect us, those around us and how we might act while we feel that way.

Each emotion was turned in to a drawing and after laminating and hole punching them, we secured them together to form a set of emotion cue cards.

I found it really interesting that some of them were so similar, like these two ?embarrassed? faces. They have the same colourings, the same red cheeks etc. Yet others were so drastically different from each other.

It really highlighted to the students that we all deal with our emotions differently and make them a bit more empathic to the children around them.

Fingers crossed this will help them in the long run.