Enjoying the sunshine

We decided to enjoy the sunshine (that I have been waiting too long for) and go out for some adventure this week.

Sunday we ended up walking around the nature reserve near a local lake, and it was really lovely.? We saw a bird; I am not sure of its species, but I am thinking Heron maybe?

These are the prints it left as we got too close trying to photograph it…

big bird flies away footprints


Monday we went to Marwell Zoo. Have you been?? We saw some interesting animals, including Giraffes and Snow Leopards.? We also enjoyed more beautiful sunshine!? I love Giraffes, there’s something so gentle about them and the Snow Leopard came right up to the glass… and then had a little wee for us all to see, ha ha!

geef1 geef2 geef leopard


Tuesday saw us in Salisbury having another sun filled day out.? One of the blue Easter Bunny Worry Beans came along for this trip as well as Hector, who left his mint growing in the window while he did some botanical studies around the cathedral.

There were little, fluffy ducklings in the river that were swimming against the current; it was so sweet to watch them.

ducks bunny bot


Hector made sure he checked on his mint as soon as he got home; but he did enjoy the sun and seeing all the big, grown up plants.

What adventures have you been on this Easter holiday?? We’d love to her about them!