‘Equality’ 2020

This piece started as a deep blue painting.

But as the pigment dried, it turned to black.

The red was not meant to look so stark against a blue, yet as this settled over the black pigment, it felt like an honest and raw expression of current affairs.

A world full of hate and racism.

Where the people in power are encouraging humanity to turn on each other.

Where a pandemic is running rife throughout the globe and yet we still can’t just come together as one for the common good.

Women in so many countries are still beaten and abused as if they are the property of their men.

Child brides married off to adults and abused until they die.

The slave trade, for all skin colours, is still rife with women and children stolen and sold as cattle.

There are some agencies trying to help, trying to make a difference, but the people with the power, the ones in the governments, they are not doing enough.
They do not see what we see.
They do not feel what we feel.

It is time for change and I can feel it bubbling.