Ceramic Worry Beans

I’ve been developing my Worry Bean characters and exploring different media to create them with.? Ceramic is one of my favourite materials to work with and my glaze collection is expanding.

I’ve created them as colour sets that were for my online shop…

I created 70 matching ceramic Worry Beans for wedding favours for my Dad’s wedding.? Each was handwritten on and they each nestled in a gift bag.? This was a big project as there were so many to create, but I loved being able to gift these to such important people in my world.

I was working on making more organic work and incorporating textures and nature in to my work and the result was this one of a kind, Worry Bean rock pool.? The three beans are removable and it’s full of sea treasures from my own collection.? This was tricky but a lot of fun to make and I enjoyed working my ideas through; trying to form pockets for the beans to sit in that couldn’t be seen through the clear ‘water’.



And then using faux nature within the designs and combining my love of flowering teas.

These Worry Beans love nothing more than gathering around a tea pot and watching the tea flower. It?s the perfect way to de-stress after a long day.

Everyone worries, so these Worry Beans are ready to help you forget all about it; especially those of us who even worry about worrying.

I always include instructions…

1. Whisper your worry to your Worry Bean
2. Tap it on the head three times and spin in a clockwise circle
3. Enjoy your new worry free life!





Worry Beans design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities