Forest-Ish: Toadstool, Moss & Morel

They?re happy…… ish.

They do try to be happy all the time; they keep a smile on their faces as that?s what people prefer.

But sometimes they don?t feel happy.

Sometimes they just feel low…. and that?s ok.

They?re happy-ish.

These Ish are Forest-Ish, which means they sort of resemble forest dwelling species.

Toadstool-Ish: blend in perfectly with the spotted mushrooms of the forest floor.

Moss-Ish: tend to the forest mosses to keep them healthy and green.

Morel-Ish: help the fungi of the forest grow extra tasty.

Ish are ceramic Worry Dolls; tell them all your worries and anxieties and they?ll carry them for you so you can rest your mind.
Add a few drops of essential oil to the underside to enhance the calming effect of these Therapy Dolls.
They also make perfect ring holders, to keep your treasures safe.


I?ve also been experimenting with ceramic dollhouse furniture to help some of my Ish Dolls to live comfortably in my handmade dollhouse.

This table is perfect for the tiny, China tea set I?ve had for a while (a very exciting charity shop find).

Testing out different ways to make natural textures using tools and glazes.



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