Friday walk

Another week done and another walk to free my working mind up and unwind.? This week we decided to walk by the sea (which we are lucky enough to be surrounded by in this little seaside town).? The sunshine was glorious!

IMG_7971 IMG_7975

I am such a water baby.? I have been swimming since I was a baby and being raised by the sea means I am completely at home in or by water; whether it is the sea or a pool.? I feel perfectly relaxed as long as there is water around or I can smell the sea air.


As we arrived home, we found that someone had left a little, pink baby sock on our wall.? We assume it fell off of a teeny foot and someone placed it there in case they came back looking for it.? Maybe a house elf is now free or a goblin left it as an offering for us and has moved in to one of our bins.? Who knows…