Healing your Sacral Chakra

Because of its close physical connection with the pelvis area and the reproductive organs, this chakra is also the center of the search for pleasure, whether sensual or through your daily experiences.

An open, balanced sacral chakra allows you to experience intimacy and love freely and fully, to be honest and non-judgmental about your desires, and to live as your authentic self without fear.

Meditation is very useful for chakra cleansing and balancing. For example, a simple sacral chakra healing meditation consists in envisioning an orange lotus or orange crescent moon in the area of the second chakra in the pelvis area. Hold that image in your mind for a few minutes while breathing deeply. Hold on to your healing stone or Positive Thought whilst you complete this meditation. Once you are focused, try to visualise?letting go of unhealthy emotions, people and memories to make space for better opportunities in life.

Goldstone is a powerful grounding stone and is a must-have for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by toxic emotions and negative thought patterns.?Goldstone is a warrior crystal that guards against negative energy.

Goldstone crystal healing properties are powerful because its energy works to restore balance to the sacral chakra, the energy center linked with your powerful inner force of creativity and insight