Huoli Worry Warriors

The Huoli are an ancient race of tiny people who once upon a time lived among the humans; using ancient magick to rid you of your anxiety and grief.

But when they were discovered, people were scared. People fear what is different and they chased all the Huoli away. Luckily the Huoli magick meant they could create another reality for them to exist in.

They still come back to help humans cope with their overloading emotions, but they stay just in your peripheral vision so you won’t be scared of them or banish them again. They can travel freely between the realities, but only a human in possession of a seeing stone (with the ancient Huoli symbols carved in it) can glimpse their hidden world.


These beings are available as pairs:

Each set comes with one big (roughly 1.5″) and one small (roughly 0.75″) Worry Doll. Their story is told on an ancient parchment which accompanies these beings (and means they are ready to gift).

Handmade, one of a kind, ceramic anxiety aids. ?Due to their handmade nature sizes and colours may vary slightly. These are supplied in a blind bag fashion, colours will be randomly selected from the types seen in the photos.


And as Sleepy Sets:

These Sleepy sets contain two ceramic Huoli Worry Warriors and a hand sewn, vintage fabric bed set. All are removable from the box. Each one is unique (the figures have different skin and clothing colours and some have runes engraved and the bedding sets are made from a variety of different coloured and patterned fabrics) they will be randomly selected.


Worry Dolls design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities