I Love Autumn!

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year!? It’s so romantic, the bonfire smells and the colours of the leaves and slight coolness to the air.? It means I can wrap up in a cosy jumper or sit under a snuggly blanket and you need extra cuddles this time of year to keep warm.? Not to mention Halloween is just around the corner.? I love it!? Not for the generic candy and drinking, but for the atmosphere and the majick of it.? Samhain is the summers end and the beginning of a spiritual new year.? It is the one night of the year that the spirits can visit us.? That’s what pumpkins were originally used for.? The Irish lit them to ward off the evil spirits and allow just the good ones to visit.? I love how this time of year feels.? It’s my happy time.



It also means you can start warming up meals.? I love tenderstem (if you’ve not tried it before, you really must) and kale.? Mix it up with some quorn chicken and gherkins and you’ve got a tasty, warm dish that’s perfect for these cool evenings.