I turned 30!

Soooooooooooooooooo……. I turned 30.? I had the birthday I had been dreading for a while.? I had a reality check though as a friend told me to think about it as another year that some people aren’t lucky enough to get.? Good advice!

Pete swept me away for a few days and treated me like royalty, which was much needed as I had spent the two weeks before rushing around like a crazy person securing details on the home I am officially buying (so exciting).

On the way up we stopped at Wookey Hole and had fun playing on the old penny machines.


We spent a few days in Bath at a beautiful bed and breakfast.? Obviously my Feelings came with us.

taylored curiosities the feelings bath holiday spa birthday

Worry loved the spa bathroom we had and we thought the Molten Brown products were delicious! Lethargy loved lazing on the windowsill and gazing into the woodland area that was our view.? Fretful-nag preferred to stroll around and take in the evening sights and Self-concious accompanied me to the Spa as I feel a bit insecure in a swimming costume, so I took her for back up.

On the way home, we stopped at the Salisbury Sculpture park and the New Forest and Anxiety thought both places were lovely.


It was really lovely and thank you to all of you who came to celebrate with me at a Spanish themed garden party thrown by my fabulous family and those who wished me well via the many social media sites that we are virtual friends on.? I appreciated all the messages and love you all very much.