In need of air…

After two days of no real breaks and my students sitting their GCSE exams, I was in dire need of air. It’s great seeing all their hard work come to an end result and to be able to watch them create the things they’ve been talking about. But since becoming the whole department at my new job, it means I haven’t had a proper break for two days. So I was feeling a bit stir crazy.

We had Ofsted last week too, so it’s been quite intense of late.

The forests around here are beautiful and varied and extremely peaceful.

Someone had lined up pine cones on a bench. It made me smile, so simple yet it’s own little piece of art.

I often get told I’m easily pleased…

Look at what I found…

A Worry stone!!!!!!!! This also made me extremely happy. I am quite frazzled.

I did manage my 10,000 steps. It’s about as much as my knee can do right now. It’s definitely getting better, I’m 18 months on from the second injury. Some days I can do more than others but there’s still an obvious limitation that I’m still struggling against. The specialist said it could take a few years to be normal again.

What a wrinkley little wrist.

I’m not feeling very hungry this week. Maybe it’s just too much fretting. So I made my favourite party treats for dinner (it’s just salmon and cucumber, I’m so (not) rock and roll).

Bed early for me tonight and tomorrow I repeat again but this time with my AS-level students.