Learning to Crochet

I’ve been meaning to teach my self to crochet for a while now and I finally purchased a book from Waterstones. It’s a gorgeous book and I think I got the hang of the simple loop quite quickly.? But I really struggled to work out how to change direction.


A quick campfire session with my Aunt and her cousin and they had taught me what I needed to know.? I managed to change direction, add a second colour yarn and finish off.? I adore learning from the older generations.? We don’t do enough of it anymore.? I will be heading back to them to learn how to knit this year (when I have a little more time; between prepping for Toy Con UK and finishing my teaching Qualification I am fully booked!).


My aim is to make a selection of Granny Squares to make a sort of blanket.? I have a stunning blanket that my Nan made for me in white and yellow (and lined with yellow silk) before she died.? It’s ready for my baby when I start a family.? It’s in a sealed bag and it still smells like her.? Makes me feel very sentimental.? Maybe I’ll make baby blankets for my great grandchildren one day.