Losing weight

I have gained a bit of weight this past year. It’s odd how you don’t notice it really happening until it’s really noticeable. The past week has seen lots of events at school in the run up to the year end and that’s meant lots of photos! I hate photos of me at the best of times, but these have just been hi-lighting my weight gain and making me feel very low.

Due to two knee injuries I am somewhat limited compared to when I was a fitness instructor and that frustrates me. But I am getting stronger and recently I’ve been able to up my exercise routine with longer yoga sessions, 8k (no impact) runs and adding more weight to the lifting machines.

I’ve lost 3lbs which isn’t much and feels like it’s taking an awfully long time. But lack of good sleep and having work stress doesn’t help. I’m officially in holiday mode now and booked on to 3 classes next week (all aqua ones for the resistance training). I really hope I can lose the 6lbs I need to before my holiday at the end of August. I know it’s not important but I simply don’t feel beach ready with the body I have now. I try so hard to be ok with myself and to promote a positive body image. It’s important when working with children to seem confident in your own skin and I am definitely a booster of other people’s confidence. I just have none on the inside.

Thank you to those of you who’ve been following my fitness journey over on Instagram. I will let you know if I reach my goal in time…