Making Changes…

I decided a few months ago that I was going to grow out my hair.? I do this often and it gets to about bob length before I grow bored of it and chop it back in to a pixie crop.? I then repeat the cycle.? However, this time I have decided to grow my hair properly long!? I will be able to tie it up for yoga classes (once my knee will allow me to go back to yoga).

That was the start of my changes.? During the past few months I spent a lot of time stuck at home with an injured knee, which resulted in me re-visiting my art work and own style and really looking deeply in to my designs and characters.? It has resulted in an overhaul and a new direction based on an old design; Worry.? The kickstarter campaign I set up for him has gone utterly crazy and it is still sinking in

It gave me confidence and has helped me continue to make changes.? I have decided to re-stretch my ears.? I had them at 10mm about 9 years ago.? I took them out as I wanted to wear pretty earrings.? But I never wear pretty earrings.? I own lots, but I am such a simple, earthy person that the only accessories I wear every day are a simple, hand beaten, silver ring and a Mojo Band which alleviates pain.? So stretching them back out and wearing nice wooden curls etc seems like the right step for me.? Upon deciding that, I felt almost free.

I even contemplated a tattoo (but I’m not that brave) so instead I have been playing with Henna.? I chose the Rune Uruz which represents strength and healing (both are things I really need to focus on now while my knee is in the rehabilitation stage of recover).

As you can see, it draws on quite thickly, hardens and once wiped off it is a feint orange colour.? By the next day it is a dark brown and will last a week before it dissapears (depending on how often you bathe).

henna taylored curiosities

I have funny coloured skin.? Some people refer to it as olive, some say I look yellow, others say I’m pale (until I tan in the sun).? Different lights have altered in in these photos as they were all taken at different times of day.? But mostly I look yellowish.? I’m OK with that though.? I am happier in my skin now than I ever was before and I am soon to turn 30.

Making these changes, adding these marks (whether they are permanent or not) and changing the direction of my personal artwork has been so good for my soul.? I am feeling more confident and empowered and at ease with myself, which is something I don’t feel often.? Those who know me know I am a worrier and I have fairly low self esteem (something I try to work on, but am better at raising others rather than my own).? Maybe, with turning 30 on the horizon, and things finally slotting in to place for me, I am finally feeling comfortable with who I am.

This yellow skin, this wild hair that looks more like a birds nest than perfectly tousled locks and this overactive brain of mine that never shuts up… maybe it’s all ok and maybe I’m ok being me.

How do you feel in your skin?? I share my inner monologue a lot, you’re welcome to share yours too…