Making Fossils

I have been working on a new range of designs that will be available firstly at ToyCon UK, but will be a continued design in my online shop after the show.? These are Fossilised Morrow.? Each one is a hand cast, hand painted faux fossil of a creature I have made up called a Morrow.

‘Many thousands of years ago, long before you would remember; a strange species inhabited our planet.? In the year 2012, whilst out fossil hunting, I came across some fossilised specimens of these odd beings’

To learn their story, you can purchase your own fossil from my online store and read their originally poetic back story that comes in the form of tiny, professionally printed, concertina books that accompany them.

These are packaged in clear bags with original header card toppers.

These all roughly measure 2? x 1.5? and have real moss affixed. No two will ever be identical due to the hand made process of creation.

The selection below will be available to purchase on the day; there will be a few more added to this selection by the time ToyCon arrives.

Now you can pick your very own Fossil traits. Choose from the three different styles of rock (A, B or C). Then decide whether you’d like more greys or more browns and to finish, pick your colour moss (Red, Dark Green, Light Green or Beige). I will then create a Fossilised Morrow using your choices.

Fossilised Morrow are fully copyrighted under the copyright law with certificates of proof. ? Taylored Curiosities. All Rights Reserved. Not to be replicated.