Mothers Day Fenegrygs

I have created four Mothers Day Fenegrygs to celebrate Mothers this year.? Each one has their own unique personality.

The Mothers measure 3.5″ tall and are made from vintage cotton, with a hand cast face made from an original sculpt and hand painted. The face is sewn and glued to the body. Stuffed with soft stuffing.

The babies are made in the exact same way, but on a much smaller scale; measuring 3.5cm.

These come fastened together with twine and packaged in a clear, keep safe bag and a stripy paper bag, ready to gift. Accompanied by a vintage name tag.

Brook and her baby really love the taste of roses. They promise they won’t eat your favourites, but if you could spare one or two they will help the others grow beautifully in return.?

Alder and her baby are ever so fond of chocolate digestives. If you sprinkle some crumbs around, you might catch a glimpse of them.?

Luella and her baby love to eat glitter. I realise they don’t look too colourful, but they love the crunchy sensations of chomping on glitter.?

Piper and her baby love nothing more than a big, pink marshmallow! They aren’t as fond of the white ones, but if you have any of the pink variety, they’d be willing to take them off your hands.?

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