Much needed rest

I have had such a lovely day!!!! I was in such dire need of this. I’m so lucky to have someone in my life who looks after me and is happy to do the things I love.

We started our day with a visit to the gym so I could make my arms ache…… such a good feeling. Then back home for a quick rest before heading in to Chichester. The sun was shining and we wandered about in the warmth; which really cheered me up.

We found an old Roman museum that had so much history. I love the old pots and jewellery. It’s inspiring to view such ancient artworks.

We also followed a slightly dodgy sign down an alley to an art exhibition. I’m glad we threw caution to the wind as some of the art was really good!

As we left the art exhibition we discovered a Stik artwork on the wall…

And to complete my wonderful day, I had an utterly delicious antipasto and red wine dinner and a lovely walk.

Now I’m drinking peppermint tea and watching series 10 of Bones. I really hope that you too had a good day and had some ‘me’ time. If you didn’t, then make sure you do tomorrow. You are important and you need to remind yourself of that once in a while.