Kickstarter: Netherknowle Adventure Club

It’s officially live!!!! My kickstarter campaign is now live and you can find all the details here:

In case you were wondering ….

This little pink critter is a Spriggledop and it has a rather bug-like companion.? They dwell in Compostria and love treasure hunting.


There are a selection of rewards to choose from:

?10 gets you a notebook set

Spend ?50 and you can choose either an early bird, handpainted set or the limited Glow in the Dark set

And ?55 gets you the full adventuring kit: Creature, companion, map, compass, membership card and temporary transfer tattoos.

There’s something to suit everyones taste and price range.

These sets are hand sculpted by myself, cast by the wonderful Evan and then sent back to me to be handpainted and finished.

There are also a limited set of just 10 exclusive, glow in the dark sets (these are just for the kickstarter, they won’t be offered anywhere else).


Those of you choosing the handpainted versions will also have the option to choose your colour Spriggledop: pink, purple, blue, red or peach.


And here are some of the extras that come with the sets.? Everything is handmade in the UK.

ADVENTURE SET illustrated map taylored curiosities MEM CARDS SET?tattoos

So head on over to and support the campaign now.? I am super excited to get these pieces sent out to you all and I really appreciate all the support you have given me and my work.

Design, story and images are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities, Not to be replicated.