‘Oh My Handmade’ Interview

I was asked by the lovely Jessika of ‘Oh My Handmade to take part in an International Womens Day interview special.? It’s a lovely feature, with 9 female artists, sharing their points of view, tips and advice.? You can read the full feature here: http://ohmyhandmade.com/2015/head/entrepreneurship/make-it-happen/

Here’s my interview.? I forget to write ‘for interview’ rather than how I would normally speak (it’s that whole saying what I’m thinking thing, I tend to type my thoughts as they are too) so I apologise for that.

When I was studying my Illustration Degree at university, I spent the rest of my time making shop stock and selling my hand made designer toys online. At first I used etsy, but later changed to a stand alone shop. I worked in to the early hours of most mornings, and was tired a lot, but it paid the rent and made university possible for me. The rent was ?550 a month and I managed to support both myself and my partner at the time. I am currently completing my teaching qualification, but I still spend all my spare time creating new art.

The time was always the biggest struggle. It still is. I love creating, it?s how I?d spend all my time if I could. But life gets busy and there?s always so much to try and cram in to every day. If there were more hours in the day, it would be much easier.

Also, some days you can go all day without talking to another human if you work from home. It can get lonely, so it?s important to make time to socialise. Stay sane ladies.

I think I know about four other women who do it as a full time, dependant source of income. It?s hard for them too as, like I say, there just aren?t enough hours in the day. Late night instagram chats help a lot to keep up morale when things all get a bit much.?Since taking part in art shows and making lots of contacts, I have an amazing support system! The art world is full like minded people who will chat crazy to you in the early hours and who you can bounce ideas of. A lot of those are women! Holly, Kitty, Joanna and my Emily are a few of my non artist females who support me and my art (and my craziness). They are strong, independent women indeed!

100%! Creative women raise creative children and the cycle repeats. Who doesn?t want a world like that. This very weekend I went and sat with my aunt and great aunt who taught me how to crochet. I?m a strong believer in what I call campfire learning. If the women in our family don?t pass down their skills then who will. It?s bonding mixed with teaching and it?s beautiful. I can?t wait to share all my skills with my daughter. I?d wholeheartedly encourage her to become an artist if she wanted to. I think having creative people in a home is perfection.

My message to other women:?

NEVER let anyone tell you that you can?t or won?t achieve something. If it?s something you want, then do it. I don?t believe in problems, only solutions. I know life can get tough and blue days affect us all, but keep going, keep being you and tell those negative ninnys to jog on! (I am a natural worrier, hence my Worry Bean creations, so trust me, I know it?s hard sometimes, but you?re not alone).

Well there are my ramblings, I hope they weren’t too odd.? Maybe they even help a bit.? If you are a fellow female creator, drop by and say hi.? It’s always lovely to meet you!