Organically designed tea strainers for 2018

I have been working on some ceramic tea strainers with an organic feel to them and will be adding these to my 2018 releases.

These curled leaves are made from a gorgeous brown clay and glazed with a deep green, giving them the feel of fallen leaves. ?Each one fits any standard sized mug and you can use any loose leaf tea.

One of my favourite ways to relieve my anxiety is to drink a cup of fresh green tea or a soothing chamomile blend. These strainers are the perfect way to feel closer to nature while taking the edge off of any anxiety you may be struggling with. I?m a firm believer that a decent cup of tea can calm your nerves.

These ceramic tea strainers are completely handmade by me, so no two will ever be completely identical. This gives them a unique appeal as each one will be slightly different. ?They can be washed up like normal cups and saucers.

I will share full details when these are officially released in 2018.


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