Paper Mache Masks

I taught a two part session for Teaching Assistants as a few of my friends in the industry had asked for a little help coming up with a fun craft activity for their primary School students (they all work on a 1:1 basis).? So I offered a two session course at a local community centre and taught a variety of people how to create simple, paper mache masks.

I took them through a step by step process:

  • Cutting a basic cardboard shape for the face base
  • Adding features using scrunched up newspaper and sellotape
  • Covering in paper mache (I used kitchen roll and PVA glue)
  • Painting a base layer of colour
  • Finally adding painted details

Each of them took away a copy of the guide, so they could repeat the activity with their own students.? They also produced their own mask each.


It was a really fun lesson and I had some wonderful feedback from the students.