Pocketopia: My Art Journey

I have spent the last month working on a rather large project.? Due to a knee injury, I have been stuck at home, unable to do much, so drawing and painting has been how my days are spent.? It has led me to develop and work on a big project that will take a lot more time to complete and I am hoping to share it in the form of a small solo show late next year.? My degree is in Illustration and yet the only work I share with the world is my sculpture and mixed media work.? So I decided it was about time to get my Illustration hat on and share with you all something I have wanted to create for a looooooong time.

Here are some of the progress photos I have been taking along the way:

taylored curiosities work in progress illustration watercolour work house design copyright protected

I started by designing a foldable pattern for a miniature house.? This took a long time.? I had to keep cutting and folding to work out the kinks and alter the design to fix them.? I repeated this maybe 8 times before I had a basic shape I could work with.? I then began to make a template that I could add details to each time, to create a slightly different house design, but without having to do a brand new design each time.

I have been experimenting with watercolours and really loosening up my artwork.? I am so overly precious when it comes to creating.? The amount of work I throw away because I am not happy with it is crazy.? It’s not as bad since I have been working in a school.? That has taught me to embrace my work a lot more and free up my creativity.? But this has been a real step forward for me.? Letting go this much with watery paint and leaving it to do it’s own thing, has been amazing for my mental state.? It has been a huge growth period for me and I have let go of a lot of anxiety that often comes through in my artwork.

I can’t wait to share this project with you.? I am calling my town Pocketopia and the first house design is completed and printed ready to cut and fold.? I am just working on it’s inhabitant and then the first design will be added to my online store.

Each home has its own personality and the person living in them reflects this.? There will be a character that everyone can relate to.

All designs/products are fully copyright protected. ? Taylored Curiosities, Not to be replicated.