Positive Thoughts : Chakra Healing

As you know, I spend a lot of my time out and about in this natural world of ours, looking for magic and wonder. ?My newsest discovery are – Positive Thoughts.

Some of the Positive Thoughts that I recently discovered explained to me that they have a clear purpose in life. ?As they grow, they begin to form healing crystals on their skin. These crystals are used to heal your chakras and the Positive Thoughts develop different crystal types depending on the Chakra they are linked to.

I have discovered seven different breeds – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Each type has a distinctive colour and crystals that link to a Chakra.

The Root clan are a deep brown, with a sparkle to their skin. They grow red garnets and help to ground you.

The Sacral clan are an autumnal orange and grow glittering, goldstones all over them. These help to open you up to love and life.

And the Solar Plexus clan are a vibrant yellow and green. The peridot crystals they form help to rid you of negativity and help you to focus.

The Heart clan are a glisten of pinks and grow beautiful, rose quartz which helps to even out your emotions.

The Throat clan are a swirl of blues and have sodalite growths to enhance self esteem and encourage verbalising feelings.

The Third Eye clan are a pastel violet with swirls of indigo. A deep amethyst crystal will focus your third eye and help you listen to your intuition.

The Crown clan are a deep, velvety purple with a beautiful blue, lace agate crystal to help you access your crown Chakra and your higher self. Learn to love you as you are.

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